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The internet is filled to the brim with literary journals and magazines, each of which publishes new and fantastic work from aspiring, emerging, and established writers on a regular basis. This small little crevice is designed to highlight some of my favorite stories that I have encountered on my journey through these publications. I archive them here in the hopes that others will find enjoyment out of these stories as well (and perhaps even go on to become an avid reader of the magazine or journal the story was first published in), and I also hope that by featuring them here, I will have contributed in some small way to helping these stories gain the attention and readership they deserve.


Loving an Ant Sadist” – by Krystal Powers (published in issue 9 of Spry)

Straw Men” – by Bret Farley (published in the vol. 3 Winter 2018 issue 1 of Sweet Tree Review)

Precautionary Measures” – by C.A. Schaeffer (published in the vol. 7.2 Summer 2017 “Ruination” issue of Timber, pp. 32-38)

The Story I Can’t Write About My Family” – by Lynn Steger Strong (published on Catapult on Sept. 14, 2017)

Outsider” – by Eleanor Stelter (published in the Fall 2015 issue of Mangrove, pp. 10-32)

Ponies” – by Kij Johnson (published on on Nov. 17, 2010)


Last updated May 2018

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