Short Stories


“Empty Vessels,” Sweet Tree Review, 2018 (forthcoming, online)

“Abandoners,” Timber, vol. 7.1, Spring 2017 (online)




“Smoke Break Outside Swann’s Chapel Church,” Red Eft Review, May 6, 2018 (online)

“Viola da Gamba,” The Allegheny Review, 2018 (print)

“The Bridge,” The Allegheny Review, 2018 (print)

“The Big Texan Steak Ranch,” Sanctuary, 2017 (forthcoming, print)

“Snippets—I Can’t,” Sanctuary, 2017 (forthcoming, print)

“Snakes and Stones,” Red Mud Review2016-2017 (print and online)

“Our Late Grandmother’s House,” The Tennessee Magazine, May 2017 (online)

“Pinecone,” Cheat River Review, issue 8, Spring 2017 (online)

“In-Between,” The Mockingbird, vol. 44, 2017 (print)

“Mirror Perceptions,” The Mockingbird, vol. 44, 2017 (print)

“The Essence of Lounging,” Outrageous Fortune, vol. 7.2, Spring 2016 (online)




This Fluid Journey (Finishing Line Press, 2018)

*Release date September 14th: preorder here


Full-length Collection


Reticent (Grateful Steps, 2016)