Latest Review in Chapter 16

I’ve been reading more than ever before, but I’ve also been neglecting the blog and covering the books I’ve been reading. I’ll try to be more reliable moving forward. In the meantime, here is a link to the most recent review I wrote for Chapter 16. Ode to a Nobody is a middle grade novel and Caroline Brooks Dubois’s sophomore release. Although both of her books are for middle grade readers, they are delightful reads, and they are a great gateway to reading more novels written in verse.

Dubois’s first novel is called The Places We Sleep and deals with the events of 9/11. In Ode to a Nobody, the focus is on surviving a natural disaster (in addition to the normal struggles of being a middle school student trying to fit in and make friends). I read The Places We Sleep on my own, then I was offered to review Ode to a Nobody, and I was very excited.

Anyway, check out the review and please also explore the other wonderful reviews up on Chapter 16‘s website!

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