A Conversation with Michael Amos Cody published by Black Moon Magazine

I recently got the opportunity to interview Dr. Michael Amos Cody about his upcoming short story collection, A Twilight Reel, which is released at the end of this month (May 2021). The review was published on Black Moon Magazine‘s blog.

Follow this link to read the transcript of the interview: http://box5887.temp.domains/~blackmy8/a-conversation-with-michael-amos-cody/

Or follow this link to watch the video interview: http://box5887.temp.domains/~blackmy8/a-conversation-with-michael-amos-cody-interview-recording/

You can also do both, if you like.

Cover of A Twilight Reel by Michael Amos Cody

Here’s an excerpt from Black Moon Magazine‘s website:

This week, writer Abby Lewis had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Amos Cody over Zoom about his upcoming collection A Twilight Reel set for release through Pisgah Press on May 25th, 2021. Lewis inquires into how these stories inhabit both musical and mountain-cultural influences and how composition and craft developed as the collection came together. Cody shares his processes and anecdotal influences to demonstrate the impact of a lived experience and how those intersections of identity, history, and goals come together to create these complex stories that explore realistic, prominent themes of Appalachian life. If you would like to follow along, don’t forget to check out the transcript as well!

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